Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Axioo PicoPad

PicoPad is tablet PC 7-inch screen that can digengam with one hand unlike Apple iPad greater. Apple Reportedly when preparing iPad prepare a model with a 9.7 inch screen and another one is with 7-inch screen. iPad with smaller screens do not be sold because Apple already has an iPhone with 3.5-inch screen. Be the manufacturer of the tablets are racing to make tablets with 5 to 7-inch screen to fill the market void.

PicoPad model is occupying the middle-class Tablet PC market with the completeness of the 3G network, Qualcomm MSM7227 600MHz processor is fast enough, Android OS 2.2 Froyo uptodate, and 512MB of internal memory.

Good Performance
All Android users should know how to kill applications that are not needed anymore. We download the application "Advanced Task Kill" to liberate us from the application PicoPad memory that is no longer active. In this way we can smoothly use PicoPad to browse through the GSM 3G networks, browsing the network via WiFi, play games Angry Bird, watching Youtube, chat and video conferencing via Yahoo, and take photos and video. If enough memory then automatically speed applications awake.

The speed of processors used this unit is Qualcomm 600 Mhz. Diluaran there are products with 1 GHz processor or there's even a Dual Core, but we have the opinion that the processor in PicoPad sufficient for the tasks that we run for conducting a review of this unit.
Good battery strength

This unit comes with a battery capacity of 3240 mAh batteries that last just long enough. For example we started with a full battery at 3 pm with Angry Birds play a game for half an hour, followed by searching for a video search on Youtube for 1 hour. During that time we were also chatting and browsing to Facebook. So keep this PicoPad activity we used to rest in until 11 o'clock at night. The next day we did a chat for half an hour back. At that time the new PicoPad battery runs out. So in total we estimate that PicoPad battery can last for 8 hours.

Super Sales Package Complete
Axioo PicoPad provides a very complete package. The price mentioned above includes holster, screen protector, earphone, bluetooth headset, up to 16GB MicroSD cards are given in a single package with PicoPad unit. Tambah.info salute the completeness is given. Tablets are definitely buying this to be very frugal because they have no need to add anything else. It's very nice in our opinion because we no longer need to spend any additional costs for accessories. Everything is provided and included in the purchase price. The unit also comes with Docs To Go application for the full version can read and write files Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Auto Focus Camera PicoPad
Axioo PicoPad QGN comes with two cameras. At the front of the cameras used size 0.3 Megapixel and on the back of condition 3 Megapixel camera. Front camera function for video calls while behind the camera to be used to take photographs. Both cameras are equipped with auto focus is pretty good. Let's look at some of the snap of this model.

Video Call Sound And Picture is Good
With a fairly fast internet connection then the video and sound is crystal clear look. PicoPad also capable of SMS, such as a telephone call on umumny. Bluetooth headset or earphone wires to assist us in receiving and making calls to talk. If we do not use the headset then the sound will come out of speakers so as we're using loadspeaker on our mobile phones.

If jobs and social connections that we need very often to the internet, then buy a tablet is the answer. Axioo PicoPad we tested could meet all our online needs with complete accessories and super competitive prices.


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