Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Apple iPad 2

Thinner, lighter, brighter, more powerful,
That's iPad 2, which be announced by Steve Jobs on March 2, 2011. And on 11 March 2011 yesterday ipad 2 already on sale at Apple stores in the U.S.

Redesign iPad2 fixed at size 9.5 x 7.31 inches.
Physically iPad 2 be 2 / 3 thinner (8.8 millimeters) and 15% lighter than its predecessor.

available in 3 variants for the global market are two cdma blackberry, blackberry 2 wifi, 3g and wifi blackberry 2.

iPad 2 experienced an increase in terms of its hardware and software: Apple's new inhouse embed their processors: Dual Core A5, making the iPad 2 is able to work two times faster than previous iPad.

In terms of graphics has also increased the work up to 9x, which will enchant gamers. With the increase in processor performance is Apple would not sacrifice the performance of 10 hours of battery IPAD is already famous.

In addition, there are new features of IPAD 2, namely, the addition of a front VGA camera for face FaceTime standard apps, so users iPad 2 can do video call / conferencing with users iPhone4 / mac computer that has a front face of the camera.

In ipad 2, there is a 5-megapixel HD camera on its rear side exposure capable of producing up to 720 @ 30fps video and photos. there are features geotagging video via wifi for those who want to share with co-location.

On this occasion, Apple also introduced some significant additional accessories for the iPad 2, HDMI adapter and iPad Smart Cover, with HDMI adapter lets you display the iPad 2 is the medium that supports the HDMI display (LED TV et al).

Apple also released accessories iPad 2 its the Smart Cover, for smart covers only cover the front of the iPad 2 made of glass, and when the cover is opened iPad 2 instantly turns on.
Shown in various colors and can be folded so that it can serve as a coaster for typing or viewing photos and presentations.

For software, iPad 2 marketed with the latest IOS, IOS 4.3. IOS 4.3 increase for Airplay (now you can stream photos directly from your apps), and iTunes Home iTunes Sharing to share files with others.

iPad 2 has been marketed in the U.S. on March 11, 2011,
countries of Apple's potential market on March 25, 2011.

Ipad 2 is still the same as the iPad 11; starting from $ 499 - $ 849


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