Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ASUS 1215T AMD Athlon Neo K125

After 2 years of flooding the market with Intel Atom Intel Atom and 10 inch screen notebook, AMD presents a selection of his successor intensified. Let's look at the reviews one of the units ASUS + AMD 12-inch screen in the market.
potential Products

ASUS EeePC 1215T sailed a 12-inch 10-inch screen is not like other EeePC. It comes with AMD rather than Intel's Atom processor. Let's look at the potential benefits using this notebook type than if we use the mini-notebook:
  1. More comfortable because a larger screen.
  2. More comfortable because the screen resolution of 1366 x 768 instead of 1024 x 600.
  3. Being able to play Full HD movies better because AMD integrated graphics processor and more capable.
  4. Being able to play 3D games.
  5. Stay slim and light as a mini-notebook.
  6. Battery life with Intel Atom.
  7. Notebook size larger than 10 inches notebook. Hopefully a better sound.
Well let's see if ASUS EeePC 1215T (announced December 2010) and its successor EeePC 1215B (announced April 2011) can fulfill that potential.

Battery 3 Hour Endurance "Always On"

1215T battery test in the following ways:
  1. Setting screen brightness 30%.
  2. Setting the screen stays on always and never sleep.
  3. Playing a movie wmv format (Windows Media Video) for 28 MB over and over again until the battery runs out.
  4. To download large files via WiFi.

After we run the above steps ASUS EeePC 1215T is able to live for 3 hours.

With a capacity of 47 Wh battery can be said that AMD CPUs in the EeePC 1215T K125 is not very power-efficient. Judging from the specs on the AMD website, the TDP (Thermal Design Power) of the K125 is 12W. Compare it with a TDP of Intel's Atom N455 is only 5.5W. No wonder when Intel Atom 2 times more efficient battery.

A newer model with the processor ASUS EeePC 1215B E350 promising newer architecture with graphics that blend with the processor. Although the performance will increase, but in terms of battery but it still not as efficient as Intel's Atom.

We did some testing to find out how much performance is derived from this notebook. Games like Resident Evil 5 and PES 2011 we installed this dinotebook. The result? Unsatisfactory. See the benchmark results provided from the Resident Evil games below. PES 2011 running game was stagnant stagnant at the lowest setting.

Keyboard and TouchPad

ASUS EeePC model 1215T uses Chiclet keyboard. The keyboard is much preferred model such as one button to another button so that we can separate more freely in typing.

Touchpad provided with a surface area that does not make any difference to the palm rest. Most other notebook makes touchpad surface is more rugged, but not 1215T.

The 1215T unit test Tambah.info seems there is a problem with the touchpad sometimes does not work. While we do not provide an assessment used for this touchpad until later test unit was repaired by ASUS service center.


This notebook has a low temperature. We do not feel the excess heat while charging the battery is doing. Surface of the touchpad and palm rest are on most notebooks is hot, then cool on this 1215T pemakainan continues in a long time.

ASUS EeePC sound issued 1215T pretty fast with a speaker mounted at the bottom of the notebook. Compared with the small sail notebook notebook 10 inches, are likely to equal or better.

  • Large screen and resolution is more suitable to work longer than 10-inch screen mini-notebook.
  • Able to run a full HD movies with good
  • The sound is tight.
  • The battery can be made ​​larger to compensate more battery intensive.
  • Only one memory slot so as to achieve maximum memory we have to buy a piece of 4 GB of DDR3 is quite expensive.

ASUS EeePC 1215T reach its potential as a mobile notebook supporting activities at affordable prices. He was thin, the screen is quite large, normal resolution, with enough power to play HD film. Not completely ideal for mobile activities only because the battery is only 3 hours. The rest we strongly recommend this notebook for mobile users. Economical price, but its full-suited for work wherever.


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