Friday, August 26, 2011

Defects on the iPhone 4 So Land Business Insurance

As if the iPhone had previously diinformaskan 4 has some 'defect', which many complained of its users. In fact, Apple's latest mobile phone output is initially claimed as the previous generation version of perfection, both in terms of features and power.

The proof, iPhone 4 has recorded several drawbacks, especially from the physical side. Call it the yellow blotches on the screen, signal instability and body that is not solid. And, the iPhone is also true flaw acknowledged by Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO.

As a result, these 4 iPhone shortage was utilized by insurance companies to become business opportunities. Insurance is "Mobile Protect" output Asurion, which offers an insurance protection for users of the iPhone 4.

Via Mobile Protect Asurion, iPhone users who lost his cell phone, either because they are damaged or stolen, including also damaged due to hit the water would get reimbursed for its iPhone. Damage after the warranty period was still covered by the Mobile Protect.

To obtain such an insurance service, iPhone users will be charged 11.99 dollars per month. And, if there is damage that can be claimed, then the customer will receive insurance reimbursement for 99 dollars, 149 dollars or 199 dollars, depending on the type of the insured's iPhone customers.

To begin the process of Asurion Insurance Protect Mobile, iPhone users simply download the application from the App Store Mobile Protect. Then click "get started" to start the registration procedure. If less obvious, can be visited addresses


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