Sunday, July 17, 2011

Microsoft Show Concept Windows Tablet 8

There is one interesting thing revealed by Microsoft on the sidelines of a presentation Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference yesterday. Where in the session the software giant, Microsoft, showing off a concept tablet initial generation Windows platform 8.

Microsoft is no longer exhibiting the mysterious tablet. Even so the user interface that looks touted very similar to the Windows operating system UI Phone 7. As we all know Windows 7 Phone is not an operating system developed for the tablet device.

Approach taken by Microsoft with Windows 8 tablets creations are very different from the strategy that made ​​Apple the tablet, the iPad. Although iPad tablet is one of the most successful devices in existence today, but the experience offered is still fairly limited.

Instead, Microsoft is rumored to be developing Windows 8 to accommodate either a desktop or tablet computers that combines desktop capabilities with the touch-based user interface is friendly.


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