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Axioo Neon HNM

HNM model comes with a choice of three second-generation Intel Core processor. reviewing highest model HNM 7047 quadcore and we like.

Introduction to Sandy Bridge processor

Axioo notebook series with the second-generation Intel Core i7 is first announced on January 9, 2011 in FX Plaza Jakarta (read about it) just four days after Intel announced in the U.S. on January 5. Readiness Axioo in bringing this technology so quickly shows that Axioo in Indonesia Indonesia serious in developing markets.

The second generation of Intel Core family code Sandy Bridge is now getting a good reception in the market. He provides increased speed, integrated graphics capabilities, as well as more efficient power consumption. Let's look at the physical from the Sandy Bridge processor chip with the Intel Core i7 lined previously (Intel Nehalem microarchitecture with the Intel Clarksfield product code.

Potential Products

Axioo in May when this review was written HNM Axioo to market three types as follows:
  • Axioo HNM 7047. Intel Core i7-2630QM, 2.0 Ghz, 4GB, 750GB, WiFi, BT, Webcam
  • Axioo HNM 5230. Intel Core i5-2410M, 2.3 Ghz, 2GB, 500GB, WiFi, BT, Webcam
  • Axioo HNM 3120. I3-2310 Intel Core, 2.1 Ghz, 2GB, 500GB, WiFi, BT, Webcam
HNM model of notebook has a screen 14 inches, weighing 2.2 kg. But forms a thick notebook with a pretty good finishing

With the presence Quad Intel Core i7 processor in our review unit that we can feel the potential of this notebook to run heavy applications in the form of a notebook that can still take it pretty easy to carry. Let's look at the potential of this product:
  1. Speed ​​processor capable of running many applications at once or movie rendering task though.
  2. Batteries are more efficient than the Core i7 series before so I can work longer without plugged into electricity (although surely the notebook will be more extravagant than the notebook batteries are not quadcore).
  3. Can play 3D games which are due to Intel's HD 3000 which promises to improve performance even though he is an integrated graphics.
  4. Not too hot even if used continuously (processor power consumption is smaller).
  5. Hopefully the design of the notebook could be so good that durable hinges, stout body, and is a good investment.
Let's look at the reviews on this HNM whether Axioo can meet all the potential that we mentioned above.
Key Features Hardware Features
eSATA port

Axioo Neon eSATA ports complete the HNM. ESATA combo port as well as USB 2.0 is on the left side of the notebook side by side with the DVD. No USB 3.0 ports on this notebook so that the presence of the eSATA port will greatly help us perform fast data transfer to an eSATA external HDD as well. The bigger HDD so the data will also be collected much more. Axioo 's decision to pair an eSATA interface is a very good decision.

Axioo Neon HNM capable of amounting to 6.95 GB of data transfer via eSATA interface within 1 minute 19 seconds. The same data takes 4 minutes 58 seconds when transferred via USB 2.0 port. Quite useful is not the eSATA port.

Standard HDMI port is the completeness of HNM. Connection to an LCD monitor to work on a large computer screen or to connect to the LCD TV to enjoy the film into something very easy

750GB HDD from Toshiba is a large capacity HDD. Power Quad Core from HNM 7047 will make us more video editing and music. Even now seem large 750GB capacity, believe that soon the huge computing power will be utilized properly. 750GB soon be full and feel small again.

Wide touchpad HNM model works and works well. Support multi-touch touchpad was built on this.


Axioo Neon HNM comes with glossy casing coupled with a pattern of stripes crossing each other. From the side looks OK too. Notebook does look fat. Its weight is also not exactly easy. What may make this notebook obesity may be caused by the need for cooling a Quad Core processor. For more details, let us see photos below are taken from various angles.

Battery 3 Hour Endurance Always On

Axioo HNM we test in a way that ordinary do for testing.
  1. Setting screen brightness 30%.
  2. Setting a computer screen is always lit and made ​​never sleep.
  3. Playing a movie wmv format (Windows Media Video) for 28 MB over and over again until the battery runs out.
  4. To download large files via WiFi.
Capacity 4400 mAh standard battery and the lack of dedicated graphics makes HNM into power save. Axioo Neon CLW we test some time ago came with a small battery so that it becomes unattractive when compared with HNM. Quad Core notebooks like the ASUS ROG G60J can not be compared with the Quad Core HNM because of the high-class dedicated NVIDIA graphics suck very good at generating electricity and heat.

Some games and benchmark software we attach in this unit to measure how much performance dihasilkan.Tidak forget we also tried to play the Full HD movies here. For the game we tried Resident Evil 5 and PES 2011 results? quite satisfactory. In the Resident Evil games we report can be run smoothly by setting the standard of our game without the fox at all.

  • Quad Core latest super-affordable prices. Strength will be enough until a few years.
  • Quality of the notebook (design and components of its components) is high. We think in terms of the durability of this notebook will not be inferior to other branded notebooks with price can be doubled.
  • There is an eSATA port.
  • The battery can be 3 hours even though the processor is so powerful.
  • The resulting sound is not too prominent.
  • Keyboard hard.

We recommend this notebook for every notebook user who works with many applications at once. This notebook meets all our expectations. With affordable prices like this we can get a notebook that can last up to several years without any ill-fitting running a business or any multimedia applications. This notebook is not a gaming notebook, but graphicsnya integrated capabilities equivalent to a dedicated NVIDIA graphics G310M output last year.


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