Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Android Top, Apple In Top Smartphone Vendor in the United States

Based on the results of a recent study conducted by Nielsen in June, re-crowned as the Android mobile operating system, which stood at the top market share of 39% in the United States.

Followed by Apple with its IOS that won market share of 28% and RIM with its BlackBerry, which stood at 20% market share.

Market share of Windows Mobile and Windows Phone if the new combined account for about 9%. The market share of Symbian webOS and each grabbed market share of 2%.

Well, because Apple is the sole manufacturer to offer smartphone with IOS operating system, inevitably fronted vendors that Steve Jobs had managed to assume a leading vender in the United States.

Other vendors who also managed to become a leading after Apple in the United States is the HTC, which won 20% market share. With the breakdown of 14% for Android smartphones and 6% were achieved from your Windows Mobile phone / WP 7 creations.

While Samsung is only achieved 8% sales and 2% of Android phones through Windows Mobile phones / Windows Phone. The market share of Motorola Android phone is also quite impressive creations, which stood at 11% market share.


  • Ladida says:
    August 5, 2011 at 7:48 PM

    woww, good news for android, I hope they can be better so we can use them well :)

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